Blog 5: Brand Persona & Target Market


  • Emily Greens
  • 30 years old
  • Female
  • Not married but has a boyfriend
    • Does not live together
  • Working as a Magazine Editor but also doing some freelance work
  • Easy going and corky
  • Have a female cat named puffball
  • Activities
    • Spend
      • $1200 for rent & electricity
      • $800 for grocery and restaurants
      • $400 for shopping
      • $200 for movies, concerts…etc
    • Enjoy reading/watching movie/listening to music
      • Favourite song: Bad Day
      • Favourite movie: One Day & Silver Linings Playbook
    • Do a lot of trips
    • Enjoy going to cute restaurants, coffee shops, and stores (Gastown, Yale Town…etc)
    • Cloth style
      • Top Shop
      • Aritzia
      • Urban Outfitter
    • Love to do yoga
  • Using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn
    • Use Facebook for sharing links and songs she like; and posts some pictures about her personal life or projects she done
    • Use Instagram to posts pictures about her life, the places she went, and the projects she done
      • Love to share pictures about cooking, her cat, and her food
    • Use Pinterest to pin the photos she like
      • Food-related
      • Art-related
      • Cat-related
    • LinkedIn is to display her professionalism


One day Emily found my Instagram because of the similar photos she liked. I like to post picture about food and my portfolio as well. She really like the style of my illustrations and enjoyed the food places I posted. Therefore, one day she leaves a comment for me about how my posts enlighten her life. She has a client that wants her to design the packaging for children’s milk boxes, and she wants me to collaborate with her by doing the illustrations.
The five points to measure is:
  • How many people follow my Instagram
  • How many people like each of the post I posted
  • How many people give comments
  • How many unknown people follow my Instagram because of Emily
  • How many unknown people like my Instagram because of Emily

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